Medical insurance



Foreign citizen (stateless person) must have medical insurance valid in the Russian Federation!

Voluntary Medical Insurance – is a kind of private insurance.

Voluntary Accident Insurance – is a kind of private insurance.  It is allotted for compensation of damages because of loss of health or death of insured person.

Private insurance – is complex of kinds of insurance (branch of insurance) where the object of insurance is property interest connected with life, health, events in life of person.

Foreign Citizen (Stateless Person):

  • Can buy voluntary medical insurance made according to the Russian Legislate (or International Agreement) in insurance company at arrival to study.
  • Can come with International Medical Insurance valid in Russia.

  • Voluntary medical insurance;
  • Voluntary accidents and diseases insurance

Volutary Medical Insurance

Voluntary medical insurance (VMI) provides the possibility of receiving the medical help in the leading hospitals.

Voluntary accidents and diseases insurance

Voluntary accidents and diseases insurance is one of the most available kinds of insurance protection (injuries, fractures, bruises, burns, frostbites, tick borne encephalitis…).


If you have medical insurance you can get compensation of medical costs. For that you need to have doctor’s statement which contains diagnose and course of medication. Also you need to save originals of all receipts of buying medicines in pharmacy.

IN CASE OF MALAISE OR DISEASE you need to call ambulance or inform:

  • Curator of your group;
  • Commandant of your dorm;
  • PNU’s students clinic;
  • City hospital №10

You need to have your passport and medical insurance.

Detail information on medical insurance you can receive in Education Programs Office of PNU

Address: Khabarovsk, Tikhoofeanskaya street, 136, office 113л.

Phone: (+7-4212) 730649, 375265. E-mail:

Work hours: Monday – Friday from 8:30 till 17:30, dinner time from 12:00 till 13:00

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