International scientific conference "New ideas of the century - 2014"

Логотип форума «Новые идеи нового века»

Since 21.10.2020, the scientific collection "New Ideas of the New Century" conducts electronic registration of conference participants and authors of publications of the collection. To register, you must fill in your personal information on the Pacific State University website. Registration will be conducted in two stages - the initial registration of authors and sending articles for inclusion in the collection, the dates and addresses are listed below.


    21.10-20.12.2020-registration of full-time and part-time participants of the conference. After successful registration you receive an email confirming your email address and click on the link provided in it.

    01.12-30.12.2020-the texts of the reports in the Word editor as well as the accompanying publication data must be filled in after the registration of the participant. All authors of the article must be registered.

    Registration of authors and getting the publications is closed.


For publication accepted are articles and theses of reports consisting of 4–7 FULL A-4 pages of typed text including short translation into English.


  • Text should be created in “MS Word” with Times New Roman 12 type (main part), Times New Roman 11 (annotation, key words, and и bibliographic references to sources) 1.0 line spacing and 30 mm margins from each side. Indentation is 1.25 mm, alignment of main text is justified.




  1. Authors – surname (surnames) and name. If an article is written by post-graduates or students, their name should be followed by name of their mentor. Email addresses are entered after authors names with Times New Roman 10 italic type
  2. Abbreviation of educational institution, city and state – should be used official abbreviations and names (for example – PNU, Khabarovsk, Russia);
  3. Article title – 3-12 words; it’s desirable to reflect content of article and to avoid figurative approach in article title;
  4. Abstract (brief description of article content) – consists of 10-20 lines of English text (up to 1500 characters), stating main matters of research;
  5. Key words 1-2 lines of text (up to 100 characters) should reflect main terms, used in article, including that ones, put forward by author;  
  6. Structured text – main body of text should be divided into 3-5 named parts, and occupy up to 70-80% of whole article content; 
  7. List of used sources and literature is obligatory and should be arranged according to GOST P 7.0.5 – 2008 in alphabetical order. In internet sources links should be pointed date of the last access;
  8. References to sources in the text should be arranged in square brackets, for example [1, c.277]. Usage of automatic footnotes is forbidden;
  9. Schemes, plates and pictures should description, number and reference in the text, for example (fig. 1). Description should be arranged with Times New Roman 10 italic type
  10. Conclusion – should consist of 10-20 lines (up to 1500 characters) and include main deductions of research; 
  11. Russian translation – not less than 20-25 lines arranged according to rules for English text. Translation includes extended English abstract and key words.