University pool

Certainly, it is impossible to overstate the impact of sport on the physical and mental condition of the person. A positive impact of swimming in the pool on the well-being is simply amazing. Swimming helps to improve the appearance and improve health. It strengthens the immune system, promotes flexibility, and increases efficiency. This is the gentlest sport, as the risk of injury is minimal. In water, the mass of the body is reduced by 10 times, and an innate ability to float allows to avoid punches. The pool can train even those, who have never played sports. Swimming – is the best solution, if power sports are contraindicated, or if you have problems with your joints, back, overweight, and during the time of pregnancy.

The pool at the Pacific National University was built as part of the project of party "Edinaya Rossiya" "500 pools for Universities in the country" in 2011.

Fitness center is working on several programs, classes are conducted by professional experts - coaches, trainers. You can register in the group, but if you want to - you can come and swim on your own.

Pool length – is 25 meters, depth - 1.2 - 1.8 meters. The pool has 6 lanes, each is 2.5 meters wide. Water temperature – is 27 degrees, air temperature - 31 degrees. At the same time each lane can have from 8 to 9 people. There are two dressing rooms - for men and women (each for 32 people).

Fitness complex is open: from 7am to 11pm.

Pool cleaning system: the application of technology of water treatment (flocculation - ozonation - filtering on multi-layer filters - chlorination) - Technology BWT-Quantozonverfahren.

Classes in the pool are carried out by qualified trainers on different programs, in addition to coaches of therapeutic programs there are also 3 doctors.

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