Much attention is paid to the development of sports at PNU: various sports events, festivals, and competitions for students are held, in which PNU students regularly win first places, thereby keeping the university in the top three in student sports. Twice the university was the first place, three times the second place, and 5 times closed out the top three in the final tournament tables of the complex sports days. Athletes of PNU five times became laureates of the first degree of the Mayor of Khabarovsk Prize for high achievements in mass sports among the city's universities. Three times the university was awarded with diplomas for prizes in the all-Russian competition in the nomination «The best organization of mass sports work». PNU was the first of the Far Eastern universities to receive the title of «Healthy Lifestyle University» at the all-Russia competition in 2017.

PNU students develop in a variety of disciplines such as football, volleyball, futsal, skiing, swimming, air rifle shooting, chess, ice racing, etc.

The university's sports facilities include various gyms for games, wrestling, boxing, athletic training, health gymnastics, general physical training, specialized athletics, and shaping. Also, the territory of PNU has a ski base, a swimming pool, an athletics track, a football field with stands, a hockey rink, a beach volleyball court, a sports town with shells, and a mini-football stadium with lighting.

Regularly held sports events for students include, for example, the Association of Student Sports Clubs of Russia, the New Generation festival, the Freshman festival, motocross, and the Ready for labor and defense festival is your quality mark and the quest relay.

In order to develop mass student sports and involve students in physical education, the Khabarovsk Regional Youth Public Organization «Student Sports Club Polytechnic» was created. As an independent structural unit, it has existed at the university since 2007. In 2018, on the basis of the club, there are also such projects as the project «Children in the spotlight» (school football), the project «No one is forgotten and nothing is forgotten» (a school of sports journalists), the project «If you want to be healthy...», The project «Khabarovsk - the city of active youth», the project» Regional children and youth sports and technical center «Polytechnic» (School of motorsport).

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