Index 10933 in the catalog of the Russian press «Mail of Russia»
Founded in July 2005. Published four times a year.

About journal

Bulletin of PNU was first published in 2005 as one of the journals of Far Eastern scientific community. It is an interdisciplinary journal of science publishing the finest peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology. It promptly publishes results of new original experimental and theoretical investigations carried out by Russian scientists and abroad (CIS, Europe and countries of Asian-Pacific Region). The journal is intended for researchers and universities.

Bulletin of PNU is included into the List of leading peer-reviewed scientific editions, as well as into the full-text database of serials of All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of the Russian Academy of Sciences (VINITI RAN).

In 2005 Bulletin of PNU was assigned an ISSN number 1996-3440 in Ulrichs Periodicals Directory.

The journal covers a wide scope of problems: history, pedagogics and psychology, political science, law, philosophy, sociology and culturology, philology and art criticism, economy, management, computer facilities and computer science, physics, chemistry, electronics, radio engineering and communication; mechanical engineering, metallurgical engineering, civil engineering and architecture, transport, mathematics and mechanics.

Bulletin of PNU is issued quarterly. Each issue consists of 250 pages and includes 25-35 manuscripts.