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Founded in July 2005. Published four times a year.

RULES of referral, review and publication of scientific papers in scientific journal “Bulletin of Pacific National University”

  1. Papers (materials) are to be sent to the email address of the editorial office
  2. All materials should match the requirements published on the official site of the journal
  3. The journal publishes papers (materials) in accordance with the branches of science to award the degree (Order № 59 of MES of the Russian Federation of 25.02.2009). Basic branches of science are engineering; economic sciences; sociology, law, physical and mathematical sciences. Additional branches are chemical sciences; humanities; philosophy; philological; psychological; cultural studies; Earth Science et al. in accordance with the scientific and professional interests of the University.
  4. In case it complies with all the requirements, the paper will be sent for review to a recognized expert on the subject of the article.
  5. All materials coming to the editorial office of the journal should pass preliminary selection regarding their compliance with the subject-matter of the journal and with the formal criteria for articles. Then they are sent to the executive editor-in-chief who defines the scientific value of the manuscript and appoints a reviewer.
  6. The review period is four weeks. It can be determined by the editorial board of the journal, but it should not exceed one working week from the date of receipt of the article by the reviewer.
  7. Reviewing is peer double-blind, ie authors and reviewers are unknown to each other.
  8. If correction and finalizing of the paper is required, the secretary of the editorial board sends the review to the author with the recommendation for the subsequent revision or reasoned refutation. Modified article is re-routed for review.
  9. If the author and the reviewer have insoluble contradictions or in case of a negative decision about publication, the editorial board takes the decision to send the article to another reviewer or agrees with the reviewer’s decision. In special situations, the decision is made by the chief editor.
  10. The paper not recommend for publication by a reviewer, cannot be re-routed for review.
  11. The copy of the review or a reasoned refusal is sent to the author of the paper.
  12. In case of positive decision the secretary of the editorial board inform the author on the terms of the publication.
  13. Positive review is not a sufficient for the publication of the paper. The final decision on the publication is made by the editorial board. In conflict situations, the decision is made by the chief editor.
  14. Reviews are stored for five years.
  15. In case of request the editors of the scientific journal "Bulletin of Pacific National University" send copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.