Lepshina P. P., SHevtcov M. N.


The article is devoted to problems of human impact on the environment in the mining sector, necessity of monitoring in the mining areas and the impact of industrial projects of mining companies. The article describes the types of anthropogenic impact on the biosphere, providing illustrative examples of the extent of this impact. The article reveals the concept of the mining industry, gives the classification of mining negative impact on environment. The mathematical modeling of the tailings impact on the environment was revealed on the researching basis of the mining industry. Finally, the conclusion is made: researching of this subject should be directed to search of effective waste treatment technologies as a radical method of reducing the anthropogenic impact on the environment.

Keywords: anthropogenic impacts, biosphere, ecosystem, environment, mining, антропогенное воздействие, биосфера, горнодобывающая промышленность, окружающая среда, экосистема