Starostina I. S., SHevtcov M. N.


Article is devoted to problems of anthropogenous impact on the environment. Because of activity on water, occurs pollution of the sea by oil and goods carried during transportation, in case of Vanino port - alumina, coal, and also sewage, garbage. Emissions from stationary sources of maritime transport in the atmosphere are mainly the products of combustion of coal, dust and firm particles which are formed at an overload of loose freights. The port creates local zones of environmental pollution. Sewage from ships, water areas of port and the ship-repair enterprises contains utility fluids, fecal and a bilge water. They are characterized by the high level of bacterial pollution. The anxiety of citizens is caused by the coal dust settling on inhabited massifs. Coal dust is formed as a result of open transfer of coal in the territory of Vaninsky port of the Mechel company and the coal terminal of the SUEK company. Especially the local population is worried about expected increasing the volume of coal transshipment.. With approach of summer the wind, as a rule, blows from the sea towards inhabited massifs and inhabitants have to be ready to “coal attack”.

Keywords: alumina, anthropogenous influence, bacterial pollution, coal dust, environment, methods of cleaning, pollution by oil, Vaninsky seaport, water pollution, антропогенное воздействие, бактериальное загрязнение, Ванинский морской порт, глинозем, загрязнение нефтью, загрязнения воды, методы очистки, окружающая среда, угольная пыль