Ermilov A. A.


Bases of the rationed and statistical control of quality of production of road-repair works are given. Histograms over of distribution of temperature and coefficient are brought the compressions of hot bituminous concrete mixtures, executed on the basis of the field researches of 2012 - 2013 y.y. The results of statistical control of quality of descriptions of bituminous concrete mixtures are presented during all technological process of production, portage, piling and compression of travelling material, the esti-mation of quality of repair works is executed on the basis of theory of chances and mathematical statistics. The improved methodology of operative control of quality of compression of asphalt carpet offers, in obedience to that it is suggested additionally to execute control of quality of compression and temperature of surface of hot bituminous concrete after work of every road roller in the mechanized link. Using a densimeter PAB, to execute measuring (from 30 to 40 values) of closeness and temperature of mix-ture equidistant areally area of production of repair works. On the basis of the obtained data to calculate the coefficients of variation of the investigated parameters and collate value with the results of researches of V.A. Semenova, estimating quality of compres-sion of coverage. Depending on the got values new methodology allows operatively to bring in change in technology of production of works(to increase or reduce the linear and dynamic loading on material), and in future, depending on the type of the applied travelling making more compact technique, temperature of bituminous concrete mixture, her type and terms of production of works(to the season and temperature of air), maybe, to regulate parameters and modes of operations of road rollers and increase a coefficient and homogeneity of compression of layer of coverage.

Keywords: consolidation of an asphalt concrete mix, distribution laws, quality control, statistical quality control, законы распределения, контроль качества, статистический контроль качества, уплотнение асфальтобетонной смеси