Golovanova L. A.

Factors and problems of industrial energy resources

The article defined the economic entity and potential of energy resources. Two main types of natural energy resources are considered: practically non-renewable and renewa-ble (energy of the sun, wind, earth, etc.) and importance of their potential in the world is showed. Technological features of using energy and fuel is identified. The process of formation of the energy loss in receipts and expenditure part of energy balance is sche-matically illustrated. Natural and climatic factors, which objectively determine high con-sumption of energy resources in the country's economy, and factors, which purposefully reduce production efficiency, are defined. The energy and economic problems, that de-termine cause-and-effect relations in the fuel and energy complex of the economic sys-tem are formulated

Keywords: energy efficiency., energy loss, fuel and energy resources, use of energy, использование энер-гии; энергоэффективность, топливно-энергетические ресурсы, энергетические потери