Gavrilov A. G., Krivenko A. A., Moor V. K.


The article examines the role of modem tools in the professional activity of the architect and how they affect the development of new approaches in the design. Attention is given to computational design, its directions, principles and charac­teristics. The role of computational design in modem architectural design practice is un­derlined. There is а diagram of the changes in the design paradigm, depending on the approach changes, the objects designing, as well as the programs used in the working process of the architect. There is also some information about the architectural schools and companies conducting researches in the sphere of computational design. And, of course, some of the most popular areas of research related to computational methods are also given in this article. Particular attention is paid to attempt to construct an algorithm of forming an architectural object Ьу the methods of computational design, based on the works related to the theoretical formation of architectural objects, with the possiЬility of computing technologies, as well as foreign and domestic experience. The algorithm pre­sents the specificity of forming architectural objects Ьу methods of computational design, which makes it impossiЫe to work with the architectural proЫems of any complexity.

Keywords: architectural object, architectural paradigm, computational design, архитектурный объект, вычисли­тельное проектирование., проектная парадигма