Vasileva N. A.


Currently, green building is one of the most popular world trends that appeared in building industry and architecture in the last decade. At the same time, this concept is an important component of sustainable development. Green building reflects the deep undercurrent process of environmental awareness the international community is acquiring today. The world community is aware of the vital role the human civilization plays in destroying the environmental sustainability of the planet Earth.
Recently, environmentally-friendly building has become more complex and global. The tendency to build entire eco-cities is a bright example of this movement popularity. The infrastructure of these cities is designed in such a way that all elements of life – nature, environment, urban design, real estate development, communications, and citizens’ lifestyle – are harmoniously interconnected.
Environmental approach in design is based on rational or reasonable utilization of natural resources and minimizing the negative impact of urbanization on environment. The shift in paradigm gave rise to this approach in design. Natural resources are no longer viewed as inexhaustible and everlasting. Logically, in response to this shift a number of projects aimed at renewing natural resources, recycling waste products, and applying recycled resources have been developed. Besides, the disastrous ecological situation in metropolises stimulated the development of unconventional and unusual constructions and buildings designed with ecologically-friendly materials, renewable power resources and modern engineering technologies.
Architecture is in the center of social attention in any period of time and today the advanced architectural proposals, which create comfortable environment in urban areas, vividly demonstrate that architecture design is able to positively change both space and people. In this perspective, the article suggests the latest approaches to archi-tectural and environment design in urban areas of the 21st century.

Keywords: power efficient technologies; architectural design; green architecture; green building; environmental approach; human civilization; three-dimensional environment, энергоэффективные технологии; архитектурные направления; эко-архитектура; эко-строительство; экоподход; человеческая цивилизация; пространственная среда