Achilov S. D., Mamatkulov D. D., SHaripova K. A.


This article is devoted to problem of preservation and rehabilitation of local sites of historical zone of Samarqand, on example of one of historically - usual quarters traditional inhabited around Gur-Emir mausoleum.
The status of Samarqand, as world famous international tourist centre, shows the special requirements to its architectural shape. The all-round analysis of a situation, including the analysis of principles and methods of formation of architecture of buildings, their Architectural - art decisions taking the beginning in depth of centuries therefore is necessary.
The information on features of formation of traditional inhabited building in historical zone of Samarqand is given.
The social role of functioning of traditional family-neighbour's inhabited structure such as "makhalla" in historical zone of Samarqand is opened. The essence of the offer reflects one of numerous possible variants of preservation of this historically usual background inhabited building. Within the framework of family-neighbour's social group and tenants, which life is supposed to be organized at a normal comfortable level of residing. It are at will given to other inhabitants in apartments in other parts of city or the opportunity of construction of individual houses on free sites in city or in suburb is given. The contours of architectural image of inhabited building of reconstructed quarter are outlined.

Keywords: “Aivan”, historical zone, infrastructure, inhabited building, international tourism, “makhalla”, quarter, style., «айван», архитектурный облик, жилая застройка, инфраструктура, историческая зона, квартал, «махалля», международный туризм, стиль.