Baklyskaia L. E., Neudachina M. A.


The concept of mobility in architecture and design. The exam-ples of
Russian and foreign experience of designing the urban environment and allocat-ed objects
differing temporal mobility. Just consider the notion of periodicity and sea-sonality of
objects in urban design. Distinguished types of periods of social activity in the city and
the classification of objects seasonal. The principle of mobility and periodic renewability
subject content. Mobility - the ability to make quick adjustments, reforms, actions and
interactions. Mobile objects in the built environment have appeared in an-cient times, during
the formation of cities and large settlements. These objects were, for example, squares,
markets and fairs, which, unlike the monumental city buildings, retain their mobility for
the sake of variation of life of citizens, their desires and abilities.

Keywords: mobility, periodicity, seasonality, social activity, the urban environment, urban design, городская среда, городской дизайн, мобильность, периодичность, сезонность, социальная активность.