Kulikova I. A.

Efficiency of application of green roofs in the city.

Today, when the natural environment in the development of urban development, is increasingly becoming a problem, and the acute shortage of landscaping in large cities, modern technologies create a green environment can save the situation. To compensate for the absence of landscaping can fragmented green areas on the roofs of the various buildings and residential houses.
Economy of urban development, improvement of urban environment, is closely related to environment, social problems (up to the task of employment of the population and solving the food program) are a prerequisite for research and experimental construction of green roofs in our time.
Space roofs of buildings of any purpose constitute a reserve of urban areas.
The use of green roofs increases recreational and aesthetic appeal of the urban environment, improves its quality indicators and has a beneficial effect on human health.

Keywords: ecology, gardens., green roofs, landscape architecture, open spaces, roof construction, зеленые крыши, конструкция кровли, ландшафтная архитектура, сады., свободные территории, экология