Gorstkova E. I., Kolpakova O. V.


The study is devoted to the principles and approaches for designing harmonious color interior environment. Defined tasks, the value and capabilities of polychromy in shaping the perception of enclosed spaces. The main factors influencing the design of the color of the interior spaces of various erections on purpose. Finding and choosing a color palette based on the study of psychological and physiological actions of the colors on the human body and emotions, as well as on a study of the aesthetic, emotional and figurative-spatial features of colors in the Interior. In the search stage of the project are the colours of the Interior, is based on their sequence. Are examples of core components of the polychromy of interiors depending on illumination of the space; from elements of its organizing; the size and shape of the space; the location of the colors on the observer; finally, the functional purpose of premises.

Keywords: polychrome; colours; colour tonality; colour solution; natural and artificial lighting; psychological and emotional perception., полихромия; цветовая гамма; цветовая тональность; колористическое решение; естественное и искусственное освещение; психоэмоциональное восприятие.