Il'in K. S.

General analysis and methodology of probable approach to development of symbolic for school of architecture and design

This analytical article presents an explanation of probable approach to development of symbolic for School of Architecture and Design (SAD) precisely as the department of creative subjects. This study also touches upon the issue of heraldry tendencies in Russia and influence of such factors as availability of computer technologies, non-licensed graphic software and tremendous number of electronic libraries with baseline images. Moreover, the article reflects the reason of refusal to use heraldry on the stage of choosing the typological direction while creating the SAD emblem. Besides, the examples of symbolic referring to other universities and educational institutions with comments and notes are addressed in the study. Summarizing the described methods, solutions and reasons for the chosen approach, the author included his sketch of design, as visual outcome of abovementioned points.

Keywords: architecture, arms, art., creativity, department, design, emblem, emblematika, heraldry, logotype, school, sign, symbolic, university, архитектура, вуз, геральдика, герб, гербовидность, дизайн, знак, искусство., кафедра, логотип, символика, творчество, университет, факультет, эмблема