Golovanova L. A., Kim A. A.


In the article the key problems of traditional heat- & energy supply of town planning objects were considered in Khabarovsk. The state of transport systems and heat- & energy supply systems of the town was analyzed. The long transport communications conditioned by linear structure planning alongside the Amur river and duct are the main transport problem of the city. Another heat- & energy services problems of the city are the incomplete coverage of the town territory by CHP, outdated equipment and the placement in a residential area CHP-1, long heat networks and outdated energy networks.
Comparative assessment of activity was adduced (the territorial population density), that let estimating urban energy efficiency. By the results of valuation was identified a great potential compaction of building and an increase the city compactness.
The number of comprehensive measures aimed at improving the energy efficiency of urban planning was offered. These are the events of increase energy efficiency of a large city: creation of a transport corridor bypassing Khabarovsk city, development of transport infrastructure in the city, creation of new highways, junctions, development of parking areas, separate lanes for the public transport, development of high-speed tram lines.
Zoning ordinance on characteristics of energy saving and addition to the historical center in Central area socio-cultural centers in the Northern and Southern districts. Increasing housing density and the development of the city in the Eastern direction, reduction of negative influence of the linear structure of the city. Focusing the energy supplying and energy consuming objects: near CHP-3 and new CHP-1 creation of industrial zones, storey zoning relative remoteness from the plant.
The use of renewable energy sources for heat- & energy supply of building: installation of solar panels and solar collectors, wind turbines, heat pumps. Modernization of objects of energy supply: demolition CHP-1 and building of the station at the new place, upgrading of electric grids, expansion of coverage of the city CHP, refusal of inefficient boilers.

Keywords: energy-saving in town planning, fuel and energy resources., power efficiency, thermal loss, тепловые потери, топливно-энергетические ресурсы., энергосбережение в градостроительстве, энергоэффективность