Arakelova D. A., Ivanova A. P., Kirichuk I. B.


The review of the most prominent post-war architectural monuments of the
city of Khabarovsk in the style of brutalism, such as the Theatre of musical Comedy, Dalgiprotrans,
Dalgiprovodhoz, Glavpochtampt, Khabarovsk grazhdan project and others. The origin
and the passing away of style in the world, the Soviet Union, in Khabarovsk. Examples and author's
illustrations of well-known architectural monuments in the style of brutalism. Analysis of
brutalism developing in the world and this appearing in Far East. Formation of individual and
standard construction in Khabarovsk in the 50s -70s of the 20th century.

Keywords: architecture of Khabarovsk of the 20th century, brutalism, new brutalism, postwar modernism, Russian architecture of the 50s-70s., архитектура Хабаровска ХХ века, брутализм, история архитектуры России 50-70-х гг., необрутализм, послевоенный модернизм