Lava D. A.


The study is devoted to the identification of architectural features of Orthodox
churches in Canada. This article is about the religious buildings of Slavic migrants. Settlers create
their own temples in a multinational state, adapting them to a new environment and local
conditions of construction. Volumetric and planning features of early and modern Orthodox
churches of various ethnic groups are revealed, that helps to determine the distinctive features of
Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian religious buildings. The article gives examples of historical
analogues of temples built in the Homeland of migrants, which allowed to reveal their differences
from the buildings created by the same ethnic groups in Canada.
Since the end of the XIX century, Slavic migrants have arrived in Canada on a mass
scale. They began to settle in large ethnic communities in the prairie provinces and organize
their first settlements. Migrants had a spiritual need to express their faith. Therefore, they built
their first Orthodox and Catholic churches in their new conditions.
In the early stages, settlers relied on existing samples of churches of their homeland in
the construction of churches. Therefore, it is possible to find historical analogues and understand
to which of the ethnic groups the Orthodox community belongs.
Since the 1960s. families of migrants leaved their small settlements because of the
growing urbanization process. They moved to large cities, where followers among the new migrants
and the indigenous people of Canada join their faith. Thus, the Orthodox societies of different
diasporas spoking different languages and having their own cultural traditions appeared in
the country. Therefore, as before in small settlements, in large cities among Orthodox churches,
individual buildings are allocated, a glance at them is enough to determine their belonging to
any diaspora.

Keywords: cage churches, logs, orthodox churches, religious buildings, tiered churches, wooden carcass temples, бревенчатые, деревянные каркасные храмы, клетские церкви, культовые здания, православные храмы, ярусные храмы