Krasil'nikova L. G.


A research deals with the city coastal development. The modern principles of
this complicated theme approach were distinguished. The influence of climatic features of the
region, geomorphological and landscape characteristics of a coastline were determined. Some
compositional techniques, which traditionally used in coastal construction were pointed out. The
Khabarovsk coastal foreside situation was investigated and the possible ways of the coastal
development forming were suggested. There were variants of complex approach to project conception
of the city coastal development in students’ works. With a particular examine of the
development problems we may say that the typological variety of architectural objects along the
Khabarovsk coastline could form more impressive and significant image of the modern city.

Keywords: architectural, characteristic, compositional, geomorphological, landscape, problem, typological, архитектурный, геоморфологический, каскад, композиционный, концепция, ландшафтный, проблема, ритмика, типологический, характеристика