Piatkov A. S., Piatkov S. V.

Designing design objects in the style of Stalin reprezentativizma

Totalitarian regime, totalitarian society, ideological art and images. Political regimes are changing and the environment full of new social community is left; after all the environment and community are also changing. The only things that remain the same are veil and reflection of reality and the reflection of real city, real architecture and real furniture. Nostalgia is passing away: nostalgia for the monumental and meaningful shape that implies real, natural and strong on appearance material, from which the “real” object is made… Is it the totalitarian art? Or, maybe, it is an art that applies some familiar, non-verbal references.

Keywords: architecture of furniture, associations, comfort, image, meaningfulness, minimalism, monumentality, non-verbal references, post-mo, Stalin representative architecture, symbol, Totalitarian regime, архитектура мебели, минимализм, постмодернистский классицизм, Сталинская архитектура