Stolуar A. S., Sushchik M. V.


Modern technologies, methods of production, image and pace of life have a
huge impact on the environment, and it has an impact on us. Emissions, the use of toxic materials
poison all around. Natural cataclysms change the appearance of cities, houses and people.
The situation is aggravated every day. Changing the environment requires a change in space,
which in turn requires a change of technology and as a necessary consequence of the change in
the materials themselves. And all this is already a reality, scientists are already inventing new
nanomaterials, they are finding a new application already known, they are introducing innovative
technologies. Houses breathe heat, give food, purify and cool the air. They live with us. It
remains for us to make the very future possible.

Keywords: construction materials, construction technologies, environmentally friendly materials, house, housing, nanomaterials, planet, self-healing materials, дом, жилье, наноматериалы, планета, самовосстанавливающиеся материалы, строительные материалы, строительные технологии, экологически чистые материалы