Panchuk N. N., Chai X.


This article discusses the current status and problems of residential building
design in China and the development direction of contemporary residential building design. Including
green eco-residential, residential design, functional using, apartment layout of the diversified,
completed supporting facilities, as well as the increase of living comfort. The article also
covers the design of high-rise buildings. High-rise buildings are becoming more and more popular
in China. This article also discusses the site selection and planning of high-rise buildings, energy
saving, lighting, ventilation, insulation and so on.

Keywords: residential building design; development direction; green ecological housing; apartment layout; practical functions; high-rise buildings; energy efficiency, проектирование жилого здания; направление развития; зеленое экологическое жилье; расположение квартиры; практические функции; высотных зданий; энергоэффективность