Luchkova V. I., Nikitina N. I.


Abstract – The article is devoted to the impact of children's space on urban development. The research identifies current trends in designing playgrounds. The article describes the basic principles of the gaming environment. The result of this study is to offer project-organization of children's play space so for Khabarovsk and other regions.
Designing game spaces is a new trend in the world of architectural practice. Exploring the successful experience of architectural offices such as Carve and Annabau it can be concluded that very small changes in the urban structure which include human scale lead to the radical changes such as the emergence of new community centers, further growth and prosperity areas changing the visual quality of the structure and architecture .
The study was designed to form a new image of the modern court placed accents in the design of the game space. Result of research project proposal creating the concept of children's play space - modular unit "Sota".
The concept was based on the principle and Lego bionic principle of the search form. Game unit is a complete element but the modules may be combined into more complex structures.
These positive aspects of the impact of children's play space on the formation and development of urban structures allow us to estimate the importance of further development of the design of small architectural forms.

Keywords: design., game scenario, play area, playgrounds, public space, reconstruction, детские площадки, дизайн., игровое пространство, общественное пространство, реконструкция, сценарий игры