Shentcova O. M.


Operation is devoted to a problem of stimulation of creative activities of students
in the conditions of upgrade of Russian education by an involvement in the Olympic
Games competitions and exhibitions.
Feature of creative activities is realization of a sense of the forthcoming activities conscious
and independent compilation by students of an approximate basis of actions on the basis
of an own experience. However creative values can not become personal and significant for the
student. The decision of this task is responded by use of the effective remedies activating process
of creative activities - stimulation.
One of methods of stimulation of creative activities of students is creation of success
situation at them.
In article the entity and the purposes of the Olympic Games, competitions and exhibitions
as powerful incentives of creative activities which inherently create to participants success
situation is considered.
Approach of an involvement in exhibitions of the mixed audience: students – teachers
aims - formation of the professional environment in which teachers act as role models, and students
have a desire of professional self-improvement, and eventually creative activities of both
subjects develop into joint creativity.
Also the following principles which are the basis for competitive exhibition activities
are considered: the principle of the significance, the principle of individualization, the principle
of cooperation, the principle of implementation of the personality in collective, the principle of
an integrated approach.

Keywords: competition, competitive exhibition activities, creative activities, exhibition, incentive, olympic games, stimulation, success situation, выставка, конкурс, олимпиада, ситуация успеха, сотрудничество, стимул, стимулирование, творческая деятельность