Beregovaia O. V.


Нis work involves consideration of the semantics of jewelry and their initial
value and an analysis of a set of jewelry or, otherwise speaking, the expression of a piece of
jewelry, including several integral parts (functions, typology, artistic appearance, technology,
This work reports that in the course of the combination of several semiotic codes, the
conversion of the semiotic value of the jewelry occurs. In this case a piece of jewelry takes a
certain structural meaning, more complex and profound. The creation of jewelry such as “ritual”,
“reproduction”, “status”, “materiality”, and “technology” is resulted in the necessity of the
creating symbiosis of various types.
Complex historical and cultural transformations can activate any trend. However, all elements
in a work of art are initially in complex mutual relations and many-sided pieces of jewelry
are able to function in different historical epochs even at the change of owners.
The occurrence of new kinds of costume jewelry marks a new round of complication in
the structure of a code. A multielement and semiotically heterogeneous piece of jewelry, capable
of coming into the multilevel dialog, becomes a holder of complex information of artistic
and historical value.
It may be concluded that the costume jewelry appears before us as a complex and encoded
work of art, capable of transformation, information exchange, knowledge accumulation,
and communication with a wearer.

Keywords: code, costume, costume jewelry, ensemble, significance, structure of code, symbiosis, symbol, symbolic semantics of jewelry, ансамбль, знаковость, код, костюм, костюмные украшения, симбиоз, символ, символическая семантика украшений, структура кода