Vasileva N. A., Plygun G. V.


This article consists of findings of investigation, which are related to disclosure
of a term about modern and comfortable interior of life.
Striving for convenience takes up one of the first spots between human value. An Interior
is relatively the strongest factor of a constant impact on the psychical state of a person. The
interior is able to tune a person for success, calm and activity. It can stimulate and destroy, remove
and aggravate problems inside of a person, families and also can activate a creative process.
According to the Dictionary of the Russian Language (Ozhegov): «The comfort is a comfortable
order, a pleasant presence of necessary facilities for a house and decor». A cozy atmosphere
allows us to name the place where we live - "the home" , this place, where we make comfortable
our dwelling-place like we wish by ourselves, by this process we get freedom and harmony.
That’s why it is important for every of us to have a home like they wish, to have a place
where they want to get back and in this place they will find a comfort and coziness.
During this analysis have been found main characteristics of a cozy place of living and
methods of creating a comfortable interior in a small-size city flats, in which most of families in
our country live, and also in an individual dwelling houses, interests of building dwelling houses
grow up year by year in towns all around the world. The investigation allowed us to elicit the
most important factors during the process of creating a comfortable dwelling interior and goals
of their further usage in an individual designing of small-size flats and country-houses.

Keywords: жилой интерьер, зонирование, идеи, комфорт, концепции, проблемы, пространство для жизни, уют, цвет и свет