Kareva M. A., Kozyrenko N. E.


With the active development of cities and their territorial growth, transport,
environmental, and functional problems have become more acute. They are interrelated and
generally affect the formation of the urban environment. This report focuses on the territorial
problem. With the reduction of territories for spatial expansion, the reduction of the area of
gardening, the extension of transport routes, the complication of functional zoning in cities, crisis
conditions are noted. With the growth and compactness of the central historically significant
fragments of the city, a pressing problem of gardening arises. Everything goes under the compacted
building and basic transport communications. Against this background, in order that a
person does not have a stressful condition always, it is necessary to create illusory elements of
gardening, which are associated with transfer to the roofs, as well as any vertical surfaces of
these fragments (buildings).

Keywords: green roof, landscaping, operational roof, зеленая крыша, озеленение, эксплуатируемая кровля