Il'in K. S., Rube S. S.


Advantages of the use of modularity in an interior system and disadvantages
of such constructions are considered in this article. Different kinds of systems, features of its'
constructions and methods of equipment components' mounting are described in details. The
interior system with module construction in widely spread wall-mounted system form is
separately notable, also as it's description, filling and module use in it. As an example a
semester project on the theme "Interior system of a children's room" is considered, and it's main
nuance is an opportunity to transform the biggest part of interior borders (it's perimeter) by
functional or game goal and according to needs of children of different ages.

Keywords: bracket, erector set, interior system, modules, module system, panels, payload, rack, railing, slatwall, storage system, tile, transformation, интерьерная система, конструктор, кронштейн, модули, модульная система, панели, плитка, полезная нагрузка, рельсы, система хранения, стойка, трансформация, экономпанели