Belash E. V., Kim A. A.


Along with the architecture developed and created new materials. Every material
has its own history and its predecessors. The article briefly describes the history of the formation
of building materials, their transformation on the way from natural components to industrial
production. The basic materials used in structural systems. Also, there has been considered
the current stage of development, which is the result of the synthesis of the older developments
in the conditions of modern scientific and technical progress, as well as interdisciplinary research.
This topic is relevant because in our time forms and ideas have been rethought, and in order to
realize the most extraordinary compositional and spatial solutions, new materials are used that
improve the quality and speed of execution. As a result of the study, it was concluded that changes
with the material extant.

Keywords: construction, methods of construction, modern architecture, modern materials, конструкции, методы строительства, современная архитектура, современные материалы