Birzul A. N., Videnin I. I., Pitilyak D. A.


The present article briefly describes the negative influence of nitrates on humans,
also there are results of chemical analysis for the presence of nitrates in the various
brands of children’s pureed marrow squash. Special attention is paid to the need of nitrate content
monitoring in the baby food and bottled waters. Nitrates’ concentrations in groundwater
samples taken from individual wells in Khabarovsk and Khabarovsk Krai are given in the paper.
The authors notice that domestic water purification devices have low efficiency of nitrates removal
from a model solution. Unsatisfactory results of laboratory tests force us to find new approaches
of water objects protection from nitrates contamination. The article emphasizes that an
adequate evaluation of the nitrates removal from drinking water methods is often difficult because
of the unpredictability of household factors affecting the nitrates transformation (cooking,
boiling, bacterial contamination, etc.).

Keywords: drinking water, foodstuffs, nitrates, toxicity, water purification, нитраты, очистка воды, питьевая вода, продукты питания, токсичность