Kravchuk E. V.


The paper describes the need to find an innovative approach at the present
stage of development of economic relations in construction. The analysis of these relations over
the past ten years has led to the conclusion that these relations have not changed and that is why
they do not allow to develop the economy of the region, the economy of construction at the
proper level. For the development of the region's economy, we suggest not changing the organizational
and legal status of business entities. It is necessary to change the production relations
within the framework of cluster formation, with the help of innovations based on the theory of
form formation. It is this that makes it possible to widely use new design solutions in the
framework of optimization. Construction as a type of economic activity needs to be in the process
of transformation. The process of transformation, involves the cumulation of methods used
in construction. For this we propose the introduction of building engineering. It is understood as
engineering support for construction, covering all stages of the life cycle of a construction site,
within which the authorized body in the form of a non-commercial partnership of construction
organizations should have the power to exercise power without additional control by the executive
authorities. And this, if possible, issuing a certificate of admission to work, monitoring the
safety of erecting construction sites, and other assignments for which the partnership will bear
additional civil liability.

Keywords: construction, economic cluster, innovative ideas, metal structures, инновационные идеи, металлические конструкции, строительные, экономический кластер