Mamatkulov D. D., Rakhmatov A. S., Uldashev I. B.


The research is devoted to the study of waste recycling in the world. The
steady development of the human society is connected to the decision of three basic interconnected
problems of our time: economic development, maintenance of human with resources and
protection of an environment. Let's consider the basic directions of solving the listed problems.
The growth of energy consumption is directly related with the development of economy and
with improvement of technological processes of various manufactures. It is supposed that energy
consumption has increased on 2,5 %, which is close to the rate of population growth and
volume of manufacture.
The problems of protection of a nature and energy consumption are urgent and get the
increasing importance due a progressive exhaustion of bowels of the Earth, such a fuel and energy
resources and existing pollution of an environment.

Keywords: ecology, economy, energy, litter, production, realization, resources, technologies, waste, экология; сырьё; технологии; ресурсы; реализация; отходы; экономика; продукция; энергия