Medvedeva O. N.


In the modern practice of gas supply of settlements with natural gas wide circulation
was received two-stage gas supply system with cabinet gas control units. With the increasing centralization
of gas supply systems (with a decrease in the amount of cabinet gas control units) are reduced
costs by pressure reduction the points, as well as the costs of settlement network high (average) of pressure
by reducing their length. However, increases costs in the low pressure network by increasing their
average diameter. As a target specific function accepted expenses (for one gasified apartment) on the
complex: gas pipelines high (medium) pressure, gas pressure reduction points, the low-pressure network.
Optimality criterion corresponds to the minimum of the objective function. Study focuses on
development economic-mathematical model of optimal centralization of distributing gas supply systems
of settlements with the manor and cottage development. Revealed rational use of the centralized
and decentralized systems of gas supply depending on the mode of gas consumption, population density,
thermal properties of buildings and other factors. The survey revealed that the optimal centralization
of the settlements gas supply systems significantly varies depending on the population density in the
area of gas supply (square of household plots).
A multifactor analysis was carried out to optimize the development of gas supply systems, the
areas of application of various gas supply sources, and the main parameters of distribution networks.
The performed analysis made it possible to determine the main technical solutions for further improvement
of sources and systems of gas supply to suburban (rural) populated areas (cottage settlements).
Implementation of the proposed mathematical model significantly improves the structure of the
settlements gas supply systems and provides a reduction in reduced costs in the amount of 11.3%, with
a decrease in capital investment by 19.2%.

Keywords: centralization, cottage settlement, gas supply system, pipeline tracing, point gas pressure reduction, two-stage system, unit costs, двухступенчатые системы, коттеджный поселок, пункт редуцирования газа, система газоснабжения, трассировка газопровода, удельные затраты, централизация