Kulikova E. S., Pul'ga S. A., Tkachenko A. Z.


One of the most important conditions for the industrialization of construction
and a cost reduction is to increase sbornosti construction of buildings and structures, use of structures
with a maximum factory readiness that allows to minimize post-construction and finishing
work. Porous fillers are a common building material for the manufacture of wall panels, blocks
of lightweight structural, construction-insulation, insulating concrete, the use of which will significantly
reduce the cost of construction. Considering huge reserves of toxins, pemz, perlite and
obsidian and other porous aggregates, their good technical characteristics, their application in
concrete is a promising step in providing the construction industry effective porous fillers.

Keywords: calculating the composition of lightweight concrete, light concrete, perlite, porous fillers of natural origin, the selection of lightweight concrete, volcanic glass, volcanic slag, вулканический шлак, вулканическое стекло, легкий бетон, перлиты, подбор состава легкого бетона, пористые заполнители природного происхождения, расчет состава легкого бетона