Akhmatova T. A., Sotnikova E. A.


Abstraction - a specific variety of decorative arts, created by people and the resulting historical process plays an important role in aesthetic development of people. All kinds of arts and crafts can be divided into folk arts and crafts, creative amateur and professional decorative-applied arts and crafts. There are several forms of folk crafts: national folk art, creativity of amateur artists, folk arts and crafts as organized production.
Creative activity in the field of decorative and applied arts has specific features, which include art and crafts activity that meets the practical and aesthetic needs of human art. In the process of creating works of art and crafts direct subject aesthetization is the object itself, the aestheticization of human consciousness here through synthesis thing; generated product must comply with the stylistic unity of the objective world around him, to be a part of the whole.
Decorative arts works are included in the environmental impact of human material out of order images, such as in painting, but as directly superseding nonfiction things directly and significantly thereby transforming human life and the environment through it affecting humans. An essential feature of the artistic imagery thing is the expression of her destination in life. Form of art work should match its functions. But in the applied arts artistic expression should not always coincide with the utilitarian design.

Keywords: anesthetization, art work., decorative-applied arts and crafts, folk crafts, object, декоративно-прикладное искусство, народные промыслы и ремесла, эстетика предмета.