Lava D. A.


Abstract. The paper discusses errors in the restoration and reconstruction of monuments of Russian architecture in the territory of Harbin. This article deals with objects whose architecture combines the features of various exotic stylistic trends: brick style, traditional Chinese architecture, medieval motifs, European styles. The buildings have bright, unusual space-planning solutions. For the study, a set of graphic materials was assembled, illustrating the appearance of monuments at historical and modern stages of their existence, which allowed to identify temporary changes in the design of facades, graphically restore lost elements and historical appearance of buildings, to indicate the main errors often made during the restoration of such objects. In addition, the article focuses on the architectural features of architectural monuments, in order to further restore and preserve them.
The so-called “castle” architecture had the most expressive space-planning solutions. Monuments of architecture of Harbin, belonging to this group of buildings, often have a dominant in the form of a tower or rotunda with the completion of an unusual form, in their design exotic architectural elements are used, brickwork is actively used. The buildings combine the features of medieval architecture with elements of European styles and traditional Chinese architecture [1, p. 135].
These buildings in Harbin are not numerous. They are unique in terms of architectural appearance and have great historical value, and therefore need to be further preserved. Unfortunately, a significant part of the monuments of Russian architecture in this territory was lost, and during the restoration of the surviving ones mistakes were made, or part of the details could not be restored. The historical appearance and modern changes in the facades of the most striking buildings belonging to the “castle” and “brick” architecture are described below.

Keywords: architectural monuments, architecture, brick style, castle, restoration, «замковая» архитектура., кирпичный стиль, памятники архитектуры, реставрация