Lava D. A.


Abstract. The study is devoted to the restoration of monuments of Russian ar-chitecture in the territory of Harbin. This article provides examples of Art Deco-style buildings characterized by a more modern facade design and a minimal amount of de-corative details. Monuments, considered in the article, have bright architectural solu-tions, and at one time were unique objects of the urban environment. The work noted the space-planning features of buildings, traced changes in the design of the facades of the studied monuments at different periods of their existence, indicated the lost ele-ments, presented a graphic restoration of the historical appearance of objects. For the performance of the work, photographs and other graphic materials were collected show-ing the appearance of the buildings at various stages of their existence. The analysis and collected materials will be useful for the further restoration of monuments of Russian architecture.
Since the mid 30s. Twentieth century. Art Deco style spreads across Harbin. For buildings made in this stylistic direction, an increase in the number of floors, a decrease in decoration, a simplification of space-planning decisions are typical. In their architec-tural appearance, rotunda and dome closures are no longer used, giving preference to a flat roof. The windows of buildings under construction become rectangular, their frames disappear, the elements acquire simpler rectangular sections [1, 495-498].
As a rule, buildings belonging to this category were able to maintain their archi-tectural appearance well. The most frequent changes that have occurred in the design of their facades are the loss of small decorative elements, masonry details, the replacement of old windows with modern glazing, which often leads to a change in the division of windows; dismantling pipes on the roof, balconies, etc. These modern changes are easily traced by the example of the buildings below.

Keywords: architectural monuments, Art Deco, Harbin, restoration, ар-деко, памятники архитектуры, реставрация, Харбин