Pershinova L. N.


The research is devoted to a trend of formation of the developed public spaces in structure of the industrial complexes located in the urban environment. With change of technologies in production master plans of productions, structure of certain shops change, the relation to a workplace and bigger value changes get space of recreations and the place with a possibility of short-term rest. In article the main directions of transformation of public spaces at the enterprises and in industrial complexes are allocated. The structure of public spaces, communication communications between separate elements of planning structure of an industrial complex, an ecological component of the design decision changes. Working condition and rest in more comfortable conditions receive new treatment. The presented examples of the industrial enterprises are complemented with new public functions, and social space at the enterprises located in the urban environment gain the importance of city space. Degree projects of industrial complexes, with open social levels (space trade, training, exhibition, educational, rehabilitation, etc.) are considered. The choice of purpose of additional function is most often connected with a type of the main production. It is also necessary to mention that it is about the enterprises of the fifth class of harm (having the minimum sanitary protection zone of 50 m). The described receptions help to enter organically a plant building in the urban environment and to create industrial architecture more available and demanded.

Keywords: comfortable space, production buildings in the urban environment, social functions, structure of plant buildings, the ecological design decision., the public centers, комфортное пространство, общественные центры, производственные здания в городской среде, социальные функции, структура промышленных зданий, экологическое проектное решение