Dorofeeva N. N., Litvintseva N. A.

Interaction of architecture and relief as a method of forming architectural-spatial environment

The article considers the problem of the loss of the natural environment in city urban area. Every year, urban areas are headly expanding, also the number of inexpressive, uncom-fortable and environmentally unsafe areas increases, architectural objects for various pur-poses are designed without taking into account the characteristics of the natural environ-ment. All this negatively affects the urban landscape, the general urban structure and resi-dents. In this regard, as a possible solution to this problem, it was proposed to apply geo-plastics techniques. Examples of using geoplastics were studied, methods of integrating different various forms of nature into existing urban objects and the foundations of a sys-tematic approach to restoring a lost natural environment were identified.

Keywords: architectural imitation of relief., architectural integration, geoplastic, morphological similarity (compli-ance), urban environment, архитектурная имитация рельефа., архитектурная интеграция, геопластика, городская среда, морфологическое подобие (соответствие)