Varakina N. R., Medvedeva G. G., SHevtcov M. N.

Ways to reduce loss of water in the water supply system of Khabarovsk

The article deals with the problem of leakage and unaccounted water consumption in the water supply system of the city of Khabarovsk. The description of the existing water supply system of the city, the main structures for the collection and supply of water to the city is given. An analysis of the state of the city’s water supply network and the number of water losses in the system is given. A description of measures to reduce leakage and water loss in the city’s water supply networks is given. The main activities of the operating organizations to improve the reliability of public water supply systems are identified.

Keywords: leakage, network operation, pipelines, reliability of the water supply system, replacement of pipelines, water loss, water supply networks, water supply system, водопроводные сети, замена трубопроводов, надежность системы водоснабжения, потери воды, система водоснабжения, трубопроводы, утечки, эксплуатация сетей