Zagrebin S. O., Kudryavtseva S. R., Nadymov I. I., Tryastsin A. V.


The study is devoted to the streets and street space of the city of Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk region, Russia. Article highlights the main street space formation trends in the city and formulates modern problems of interconnection and interaction of the main streets - Lenin Avenue, Pervomayskaya Street, Malyshev Street. These streets have great potential that can be realized only with the implementation of special approaches to the formation of urban space and architectural style features. Also, article shows the analyze of the frame and the urban environment of the city of Yekaterinburg, as well as the main socio-economic aspects of the interaction of the city structure elements and the street network role. It is possible to develop the street network of the city of Yekaterinburg in all directions and variants of planning structures. An assessment is made of the using street space in modern conditions of the urban environment, the style solution of the streets, and the silhouette formed by the architectural elements of the city. The formation of the silhouette of the city is possible only with the help of special solutions and interactions in the architectural environment. As result, article formulates the main recommendations for the possible solution of problems and for the harmonization of the street space in the modern city with the trends of its formation. In any case, the solution of the formulated problems of the formation of urban space on the example of the city of Yekaterinburg will help to get closer to the formulation and development of global and universal solutions of architectural and urban planning tasks in the context of modern architecture. Tendencies of solving formed problems should be based on the experience realized in other cities and settlements. A more ambitious approach to the development of the core space of the city will allow to create a constant development of the modern environment for humans and the compositional integrity of human-perceived space and architecture as a whole. This is how architectural and urban planning tasks will be solved from the point of view of new concepts taking into account socio-economic problems.

Keywords: architectural and urban environment, modern city, renovation, silhouette, space formation, street network, style, tendencies, архитектурно-градостроительная среда, реновация, силуэт, современный город, стиль, тенденции, уличная сеть, формирование пространства