Polovtsev I. N.

Initial principles of designing of modern University campuses

The article considers the problem of projecting the University campuses. The author gave examples of created and designed campuses (Moscow, Leningrad, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, and others).
The author notes the weak theoretical and regulatory base for creation of the modern University. In the study area is for every teacher should be given a working place in Boxing or the Cabinet. In buildings should be premises for independent work of students. All buildings must be connected by warm transitions.
For a residential area of proposed norms of residences for different categories (students, teachers, professors). The car is likely to have in each family. That is why the author believes that it is necessary to build Parking lots. The author also considers it necessary to all teachers of the country campus to provide accommodation for the duration of the work.

Keywords: campus, design, dormitory, the town-planning concept, university, градостроительная концепция, кампус, общежития, проектирование, университет