Kazaneva E. K., KHismatullina D. D.


The heyday of the Stalin Empire in Magnitogorsk began in 1947, and the final stage of its existence, associated with the aggravation of contradictions between imperfect building structures and classical aesthetics, took place in 1955, and the formation of socialist classicism in 1932 and the elimination of its heyday, called Stalin's Empire, were symmetrical and explosive. This article discusses the urban planning concept developed by numerous architects of the Central zone of the Northern district of the city of Magnitogorsk, which includes three aspects in the urban structure of the right Bank of Magnitogorsk: socio-ideological, functional planning and figurative art.

Keywords: Magnitogorsk, socialist city, Stalin Empire, urban planning, градостроительство, Магнитогорск, социалистический город, сталинский ампир