Buzin A. A., Zueva P. P., Yawein O. I.


Based on selected authors of modern architecture, the structure and form of
architectural objects are considered. Particular attention is paid to the methods of their spatial
Among the variety of components of modern architecture, some architectural bureau with
an exaggerated approach to building structures such as: BIG, MVRDV, REX, seARCH, COBE,
JA-JA, JDS, 3-xn are standing out. There are groups of objects with similar qualities and typical
construction techniques for them and methods characteristic of individual bureaus are also observed.
In addition to observing and analyzing objects, it is necessary, in the context of this work,
to define the concept of reception as a certain unit of construction. Based on the definition and
observation, the newest architecture is presented as a set of construction units.
The possibility of defining modern architecture as an planty of techniques that reflect the
process of building objects, revealing their internal structure and giving a special perception of
the subject, can be represented as a special feature of modern architecture.
The interest is in a certain commonality of the abundance of all spatial constructions constituting
the modern architecture, as well as in the possibility of identifying common principles
and techniques for constructing forms and structures.

Keywords: analysis, device, modern architecture, shaping., spatial construction, structural, structural transformations, приём, пространственное построение, со- временная архитектура, структурные трансформации, структурный анализ, формообразование.