Kozyrenko N. E., Kornienko I. O.


The article is devoted to the study of style and design solutions in the creation
of private and foreign housing of Albert Frey. The structure of the article is determined by the
following objectives: the search for innovative ideas about the aesthetic and constructive aspects
of their own homes, identifying their importance in the life of the architect and the disclosure of
the reasons for the lack of objects in the UNESCO world heritage list.
As an example, two of their own homes in Palm-Springs and the experimental house of
Aluminair were chosen. The first house of the architect looks more massive and more like a
house-wagon on wheels. You can still feel the old "school" of modernism under the leadership
of Le Corbusier. But the feeling of warmth does not leave at the sight of this home. The design
of the second Frey’s house perfectly integrated into the environment, taking into account all the
features of the area. The building has an area of 75 square meters and is one of the smallest of
this architect. Aluminair house looks too simple and cold, although it was created as an experiment
of cheap housing for one family. The complete absence of decor and homogeneous material
turn such a building into a faceless architecture.
To disclose and solve the problems of the study, comparative analysis methods are used,
which allow concluding that their own homes correspond to the status of unique objects and
should be protected by the highest authorities of the state or States.

Keywords: architecture, contrast, environment, expressiveness, house, interior, modernism, monument, role, style, uniqueness., архитектура, выразительность, дом, интерьер, модернизм, памятник, противоположность, роль, среда, стиль, уникальность.