Ik-Soo J. -., Kyeong-Joon J. -., Koo Y.

A STUDY ON THE CHANGE IN SPACE RECOGNITION THROUGH THE HISTORICAL INVESTIGATION OF THE WALL: focused on the transition from planar thinking as layout to sectional thinking as composition

the study departs from a historical investigation on the changes of role and
meaning of the wall that defines the space as the basic substance of architecture. Based on the
fact that the modern architectural space made conceptual and ideological changes from Le Corbusier's
“Domino” theory, this study attempts to redefine the interrelationship between walls and
space as a theoretical and historical consideration that changes in perception of walls differenti -
ated from classical architecture have transformed from the planar thinking of ‘arrangement’ of
space to the sectional thinking of ‘composition'.

Keywords: sectional thinking, space recognition, spatial composition, wall, пространственная компози- ция, распознавание пространства, секционное мышление., стена