Ermakov D. G., Ryabkova E. B.


The article is devoted to the issue of the formation of ecological balance with
nature with the help of bionic architecture. This balance is achieved through bionic shaping and
engineered solutions. For more than one millennium, natural forms served as an object to follow
for architects who intuitively borrow them in their structures. The imitation of the principles of
nature helped not only to achieve the aesthetic appeal of the structure, but also to a certain extent to provide it with a high degree of strength, stability and reliability. In nature, there are
many durable and beautiful spatial ecosystems, such as mollusk shells, wheat stalks, insect
shells, bird egg shells and many others. The “forms of nature” are so varied in their properties
and aesthetic qualities that they can be applied to different approaches in design, bearing a constructive, functional-spatial or decorative character

Keywords: bionic architecture, bionic structures, cone, shaping, shell, spiral, бионическая архитектура, бионические конструкции, конус, оболочка, спираль, формообразование