Golubeva E. A.


Forming potential for creating a universal space of a public building are spatial
large-span thin-walled structures, predominantly of reinforced concrete. The popularity of
large-span coating structures arose when there was a need for buildings without the device of
internal supporting structures. The dawn of large-span spatial structures marked the end of the
50s of the last century, when the formation of multifunctional and universal public buildings
began. Space solutions of public buildings for various purposes with the use of functional and
structural solutions of building structures emphasize the expressiveness of the building. Functional
and constructive solutions of buildings are revealed not only by the compositional features
of buildings, but also emphasized by the work of supporting spatial structures, opening
them to visitors in the interiors of buildings. Team-work of designer and architect and their
combined creativity allows to create unique public buildings. The paper discusses the unique
large-span public buildings with space structures covering of the halls of foreign and domestic
As a domestic experience the use of reinforced concrete large-span structures in public
buildings erected in the period 70-80s are considered in the Middle Urals. The use of metal
long-span structures is considered in the Palace of team sports in Yekaterinburg, built in 2003.

Keywords: dome coverings, spatial large-span structures, thin-walled shells, unique public buildings, купольные покрытия, пространственные большепролетные конструкции, тонкостен- ные оболочки, уникальные общественные здания